What I am thankful for - 2013 edition

Today is the last friday of 2013, so this is the last post on Alt Haven this year. Just like what I did last year, I am taking the time to reflect and list the things I am grateful and thankful for this year.

I am thankful to

  • Have Alt Haven featured on Cmd+space Ep 54
  • Which led to being resolved to blog weekly
  • Have sort of mastered my very first song on the guitar
  • Have gotten seriously into fountain pens and paper
  • Which led to finding snail mail friends on Fountain Pen Network.
  • Have gone on dates both good and bad
  • Have the chance to experience The Last of Us
  • Have taken part in Nanowrimo
  • Which led to completing my novella). (Not to actually start editing it)
  • Have been finally discharged from the outpatient hospital appointments.
  • Have gone for guitar and ukulele lessons.
  • Have gone to Korea (semi sponsored by a friend) on an all-girls trip
  • Have great friends in my life

What are you thankful for this year?