Private Reserve

Review: Private Reserve Arabian Rose

I am not an experience user of Private Reserve inks but the Arabian Rose is an interesting and beautiful ink. It’s a dusty purple with a red undertone. It shades well even in the EF nib. It goes from a faded dusty purple to a darker purple. The ink isn’t remotely water resistant. Private Reserve Arabian Rose doesn’t feather, bleed or show through on the Rhodia dotpad paper.

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Review: Private Reserve Naples Blue

This is a bright blue ink that reminds me many much of Pilot Iroshizuku Ama Iro. It shades well from a light turquoise to a sky blue colour. I enjoy the bright colour that leaps right off the page. Plus it has a red she en if you have a wet enough nib. If you are looking for a bright blue / turquoise ink, this should be among the ink you look at.

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Review: Private Reserve Copper Burst

My thanks to Sunny of Straits Pen for the sample of Private Reserve Copper Burst. Private Reserve Copper Burst is an odd combination of brown with slight green undertones. It rmeinds me of how copper looks once it is tarnished. This gives Copper Burst a unique colour. This is a good shading ink. It goes from a light bornw-green to a dark brown. This is probably not a colour for everyone but if you are looking for an uncommon colour this is an ink you should check out.

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* Noodler's Golden Brown
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* Pelikan 4001 Brillant Brown

Review: Private Reserve Ebony Brown

This is a deep dark brown shading verging on black on the finer nib sizes. Personally, I have never been a fan of brown inks but Ebony Brown is growing on me. Maybe it is because of its dark tones and not being a blend of red and brown. Colour aisde, this is a well behaved ink, saturrated but easier than Noodler's ink to use with mudging. However, I found ink clots in the Pilot Prera which was previously inked up with Ebony Brown. The pen hadn't been left sitting around for months. This is the first time this has ever happened. The inks has no problems with my TWSBI Mini though, a fluke?