Nakaya Pen Clinic - 2018

Way back in 2015, I started my Nakaya pen habit. It was my first pen visiting Aesthetic Bay when Yoshida-san, Nakaya's nibmeister visited Singapore. He held a pen clinic organised by Aesthetic Bay. There, he held court for three days. Tuning, grinding and basically blessing your Nakaya and Platinum fountain pens with his holy hands, so to speak.

Today is the start of Yoshida-san's three day pen clinic again at Aesthetic Bay. This time he isn't here alone. He brought along his padawan (his words) of 10 years along, Sanae Oikawa-san. Here are just the photos from the first day. This time I didn't buy any new fountain pens though I must say I am really tempted by the Piccolo Aka-Tamenuri. However I was strong. Instead, I got Yoshida-san grind the M nib on my Nakaya Negoro to a right foot oblique. Photos of that can be found on my Instagram.

Reviews of the three Nakaya fountain pens I've purchased since 2015.