Review: Robert Oster Signature Fire and Ice

Robert Oster Siganture Fire and Ice is one of the more popular Robert Oster inks right now. It’s a turquoise ink that is bordering on blue that shades well and has a red sheen. The blue being the Ice and the red sheen being the Fire. Some say it resembled a sparkle free Emerald of Chivor but Fire and Ice is way more blue to be similar. The red sheen needs the right condition to show through. The first being enough ink must be on the page, the second being the right kind of paper being used. Subtle traces of the sheen is visible when I use my TWSBI notebook, Rhodia Dotpad and Tomoe River paper. It does bleed through a little when I use my wetter nibs on my Rhodia dotpad paper but it doesn’t feather.

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Posted on May 16, 2017 and filed under Ink, review.