Review: Nock Co. Brasstown

Nock Co. Brasstown with a Lamy Safari for scale. A regular Brasstown doesn't come with the badge.

Nock Co. is a company started by Brad Dowdy - Mr. Pen Addict and Jeffrey Bruckwicki. They specialise in making pen cases but have since expanded their products into paper goods. The Brasstown is one of the initial product offering by Nock Co. It was right there at the beginning but I didn’t have enough money then to get it during their Kickstarter campaign. Later on, it was tough to snag a Brasstown for myself because it was one of the more popular pen cases that Nock makes.

It was about two months ago that I managed to buy one. I had opted for a barn red and midnight colour way. The first one arrived not long after ordering. After using it for more than a week I noticed that there was a hole in one of the pen slots. I shot an email off to Nock Co. and received a reply within a few hours. Nock Co. has great customer service and they made it right. A replacement Brasstown reached me not after and now I am happily using it.

The Brasstown, if you are not familiar, is a pen roll combined with a zip case. It has 6 individual pen slots on the roll and it still has quite a bit of space in the pouch to hold pens or other accessories. Like all other Nock Co. pen cases, it is made of mylon. It doesn’t have much in the way of padding but the material will be able to protect your pens from scratches without any problems. I don’t worry about my expensive pens getting scratched if I transport them in the Brasstown. Plus the nylon material should provide a certain amount of water resistance as well.

The Brasstown comes with a pair of generously sized zippers. I’ve mentioned in my review of the Pilot Pensemble that a pen roll is inherently a right-handed product but the Brasstown has double zippers so I can close the case in a way that makes sense to me. Of course, you run the risk of having your pens the wrong way around that way but if you use your pen case while seated at a table I don’t see a problem having your pens facing downwards.

Though the Basstown doesn’t have a flap to protect the clips by rolling the material you are isolating the pens from each other. The generous space inside the Brasstown means I get to fit more than a few sample vials or gel ink pens if I want to.

The Brasstown is one of those product that just makes senses the moment you see it. You will be wondering how did we survive without one for so long. The Brasstown is perfect for students who carry around a combination of fountain pens and regular pens along with a number of accessories. Personally I use this to transport my pens for pen meets otherwise my preference would be the Nock Co. Lookout. A Nock Co. Brasstown retails for USD$40 and I count that as a great deal for the pen case you are getting.

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