Hunting with Grouphunt

I’ve come bearing good news! Grouphunt has given me a 5% coupon code to share. Read on to find out what’s the code. This works for all the hunts that’s live on Grouphunt.

I was approached by Grouphunt when the website was initially launched. I was trying to do a mass order of Bung Box inks then. I had organised a few mass orders previously. However on Grouphunt’s platform, it provides me - the organiser a single point where I can communicate various updates to all or individual participants. Additionally, Grouphunt also handles the payment processing. It saves me the trouble from handing out my banking details to participants and then double checking that everything is in order. As an organiser, I love that I don’t have to “hold a spot” for anyone that’s still undecided. If the participant was undecided, he or she wouldn’t have plonk the money down in the first place. That way the mass order wouldn’t be held up by waiting. There is even an option to donate to the organiser. Please do consider doing so, organising a mass order is no fun at all. Especially the co-ordinating of collection or meet ups to pick up your order.

I have also been on the other side too, as a participant of a hunt. The hunts are either organised by other organisers or Grouphunt themselves. I have hunted Pilot Iroshizuku inks at great prices organised by a private organiser. Not long ago, I have joined a hunt to get a brand new Nock Co Lookout as well. Joining a hunt is simple, all you have to do is click on the option you want, pay and then sit back and wait for your item to arrive at your door stop (If you have opted for that delivery option.) We all enjoy buying things at a discount. If you are not inclined to organising a hunt yourself, just go ahead and suggest one. Grouphunt would take care of the rest once there is sufficient interest.

Grouphunt may have started out as a platform to help organise and co-ordinate mass orders. It is now something more than that for the fountain pens and inks community. It’s a place to drop by to check out what new hunts are going on. It’s a place to join in the community discussing on the various products that are being hunted. And it’s a place where AMA sessions are held with various local and international community personalities. (Their words, not mine.) It’s a win for our community to have a platform like this.

Right, remember that coupon code I’ve promised you? Here it is, the code is GHALTHAVEN5. All you have to do is drop in the code when you join the hunt. This code is valid till 14th October 2015, use it for as many hunts as you like. Happy hunting everyone!

Below are some interesting hunts that are live right now!