Review: Lamy Logo

The Numbers:
Weight: 20g
Length (capped): 135.22mm
Length (uncapped): 116.8mm
Length of cap: 53.11mm
Price: USD$34.99 from Massdrop
Body Material: Stainless steel
Nib Material: Stainless steel
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge and converter
Colours: Brushed steel and Matte black

I have purchased the Lamy Logo with the intention to add this to my growing collection of brushed steel fountain pens from Lamy. This started with the Lamy Studio and now followed up with the Lamy Logo and hopefully to complete with the Lamy CP1 in the near future.

I saw the excellent deal for the Lamy Logo on Massdrop and without hesitation I pounced on it. Sadly, it seemed the distributor for Lamy products to Massdrop has changed. The new distributor doesn't allow Massdrop to sell Lamy pens internationally. Hopefully that will change soon.

I have always enjoyed Lamy's packaging and this one is one of my favourites. The box is covered with a regular cardboard sleeve. The sleeve was promptly thrown away. Under the sleeve is a grey plastic case with the Lamy logo printed prominently on it. The case has a slit in the middle with 2 triangular arrows pointing away from the slit. By pushing in the direction the arrows indicated, the 2 halves of the case folds backwards to reveal the Lamy Logo in its full glory. Isn't it cool? The user manual is secure on the under side of the box.

The Lamy Logo is a silver brushed stainless steel fountain pen. It is a flat ended pen accented with polished metal surfaces. The Lamy Logo doesn't taper down or flare out anywhere along the body. It also sports a spring mounted steel clip which makes it easy to clip and unclip the pen one handed. By depressing the clip on the top of the cap, the clip lifts and underneath there is a tiny hole. I can only assume it is to allow water to drain when the cap gets washed. The Lamy logo is printed tastefully at the top of the cap. The cap snaps on and off easily with an audible clip.

The grip section is a series of 13 polished, raised ridges. It makes a cool accent on the pen and it serves functionally as a grip. The Lamy Logo like the Lamy Studio doesn't have the triangular grip section that the Lamy Safari has so it totally agrees with my hand though I can use the Lamy Safari with no problems. The slimmer grip section, when compared to the Lamy Studio, might be a problem for people with larger hands.

The brushed metal barrel is smooth and nice to touch. It unscrews to reveal the Z26 converter, it takes the T10 Lamy cartridge as well. The pen is lightweight, lighter than the Lamy Studio, and it balances well on my hand. Personally I prefer the heftier weight of the Lamy Studio over the Lamy Logo but your needs might differ from mine. The cap posts easily but securely on the plastic piece at the end of the barrel. Though it is a shallow post, the cap doesn't wriggle or wobble. Plus it doesn't change the balance of the pen by much but I thought the pen looked overly long once posted.

The Lamy Logo supports the interchangable nib system of Lamy pens. The nibs can be interchange between the Lamy Safari, Visita, Al-Star, Studio, Logo, CP 1 and many others. I had wanted to get a broad nib but it wasn't in the options available so I went with a M nib. The nib writes smoothly and it is wet and juicy. If a M nib isn't to your tastes, it isn't difficult or too expensive to purchase another nib.

The Lamy Logo is a beautifully designed stainless steel pen. The brushed surfaces is cool and comfortable to run your fingers over. The slimmer and lighter weight of the pen makes me prefer the Lamy Studio over it. However I do not write with my pens for any lengthy period of time. My preference might change if I had to do so. Overall, the Lamy Logo is a good deal at the price I got it. If I had to pay full retail price for it, I would still buy it without hesitation.

* Post-able
* Snap on cap
* Spring mounted clip
* Simple and modern design
* Interchangeable nibs

* Slimmer grip section

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Posted on September 4, 2015 and filed under Fountain Pen, review.