Review: TWSBI Mini White Rose Gold

TWSBI Mini White Rose Gold and Rose Gold nib

I have reviewed the TWSBI Mini previously. The TWSBI Mini White Rose Gold is essentially the same piston filling fountain pen in white with rose gold accents. I purchased this pen from the ever reliable Straits Pen. The usual price is SGD$91 but I got it for a discount thanks to Straits Pen's 1st anniversary sale.

The TWSBI Mini White Rose Gold comes in the same clear white plastic pen case inside a cardboard box emblazoned with the TWSBI logo, just like the TWSBI 580 and the regular Mini. The presentation of the fountain pen is very Apple like. The pen just floats within the plastic encasing. It looks very much space age like. However, it is still just a box and not one that you can reuse as a pen case.

The cap

The white rose gold version of the TWSBI Mini comes in a stunning white cap and piston cap. The middle of the barrel is clear so it is still very much a demonstrator pen. The clip, centre band and the nib are all plated in rose gold. The piston filling mechanism is still the same black plastic like the regular TWSBI Mini. The TWSBI Mini White Rose Gold resembles the TWSBI Mini Classic in this regard. It is still a plastic pen decked out in wonderful white and rose gold accents.

TWSBI is known for being a value for money brand. It does live up to its name here. The ink capacity of a piston filler fountain pen cannot be matched by a cartridge converter fountain pen. Add that to the ability to easily disassemble and assemble the TWSBI pen for easy cleaning, there is not much more you can ask from a fountain pen.



The rose gold nib is a regular steel nib plated in rose gold. The rose gold is all aesthetics only but it writes well and smoothly. My F nib seems to write a little narrower than the F nib I have got on my TWSBI Diamond 580. I am not sure why that is but I speculate it might be due to the plating. Do note that my nib isn't a out of the box experience since it has been tuned by Sunny of Straits Pen right after I paid for it.

Though this is a plastic barrel foutain pen, the TWSBI Mini White Rose Gold has a heft to it, similar to the regular TWSBI Mini. It is well balanced posted and unposted. It doesn't feel cheap or particular plasticky in my hand.

TWSBI Mini - Regular edition and White Rose Gold edition

You might be thinking why pay more for rose gold? Isn't just for aesthetics? Yes, you are right to think that way. It is just for aesthetics but what a stunning pen this makes. I don't regret buying the TWSBI Mini White Rose Gold. I think you are probably tell I am very much a fan of TWSBI pens since I owe 4 of their fountain pens.

- Piston filler
- Demonstrator
- Rose gold!
- Well balanced
- Post-able
- Large ink capacity
- Pocketable

- More expensive than the regular version
- The number of times I have typed "TWSBI Mini White Rose Gold"

Posted on September 5, 2014 and filed under review, Stationary.