Review: Platinum Balance

Platinum Balance

I got myself a clear demonstrator Platinum Balance as known as Platinum Cool in fine nib. The pen is made of plastic with chrome accents. The pen has a surprising heft to it, which helps balance the pen. This is a cartridge converter pen. I was a little disappointed but no matter. Strangely the converter it came with has gold accents, it didn't match the chrome accents the pen has.

The nib is slightly springy and you can get a little line variation from it. Take care not to overflex the nib, you might damage your nib. The snap on cap has a white inner cap which takes away from the beauty of a demonstrator pen. The cap is postable if anyone is wondering. I found the gine nib a little scratchy for me so lefties watch out.

Platinum Balance


  • Balanced
  • Demonstrator
  • Springy nib


  • White inner cap
  • Cartidge Converter
  • Scratchy fine nib

Platinum Balance

Posted on May 23, 2014 and filed under Stationary, review.