Top 5 Pens - 2014

It's a long time since I have updated my list of my top 5 pens. It was a time when I have yet to discover the mighty fountain pen. As you can tell, my blog have evolved into a review site for all things fountain pens related. Without further ado, here are my top 5 pens.

Number 5 - Sailor ProColour 500
It's a clear blue demonstrator pen from Sailor one of the big 3 pen makers in Japan. Though the pen is very light on the hand but the nib more than makes up for it.

Number 4 - Lamy Safari
This is almost the standard beginner's fountain pen. No, it isn't mine but it is a pen that all fountain pen lover should have in their arsernal. It is durable and looks good, plus it comes in so many different colours.

Number 3 - Pilot Prera
I have the clear grey demonstrator version of the Pilot Prera. It is one of my work horse pens. Most inks play nice with the Prera even the harder to use ones. I love the ease of cleaning of the pen.

Number 2 - Pilot Metropolitan
This is my first fine Japanese nib pen that wasn't scratchy to my hand. Plus, it is a cheap pen, $24 that includes the pen, a converter, an ink cartridge and a box. What more could you ask for?

Number 1 - TWSBI Diamond 580
Finally, my top dog pen, my ultimate pen. Excellent ink capacity, piston filler demonstrator and a smooth nib. Look at the ink slooshing around inside. It's the prettiest thing I ever seen.