Review: TWSBI Diamond 580

580 1.jpg

The TWSBI Diamond 580 is my second fountain pen and my very first piston fill fountain pen. I nabbed this beauty at SGD$65 from Straits Pen and got a free nib tuning as well.

The 580 is a clear body demonstrator fountain pen. It's cap is a screw in type. It's ink capacity is superb. The fine nib that comes with mine is mooth and lays down a thin line. Though the pen is made of plastic, it has a nice heft to my hand. When I work I sometimes leave my pen uncapped for minutes on end but the 580 starts up without any trouble every single time. The TWSBI Diamond 580 really checks all my boxes and pushes all my bottons.

Though TWSBI is a Taiwanese company, they sourced their nibs from Jowo. Their nibs are more comparable to European nibs than Japanese nibs. Note that thought the cap posts but the cap locks onto the piston knob that raises and lowers the piston. So accidently twisting the cap might result in a blop of ink on your paper.

- Cheap
- Demonstrator
- Piston fill
- Large ink capacity

- Demonstrator (not everyone likes it)
- Can't really post the cap
- Made of plastic

Posted on March 8, 2014 and filed under review, Stationary.