Review: Pilot Prera

Pilot Prema

I saw Fook Hing has brought in Pilot Prera and the price was $55. This makes it almost too good to pass up this great deal. So I hastily reserved my Prera over Facebook chat. 24 hours later, I have my Pilot Prera in my hands. The Pilot Prera is really light, that was my first impression when I tested the pen there. In my hands, it felt as light or lighter than the Kaweco ICE Sport. The Prera can be used posted as well as unposted. The cap is friction fit unlike the TWSBIs and Kaweco fountain pens that I have. My next impression is that the nib is really quite springy. I wonder how the spring-ness compares with a flex nib. The Prera feels fragile in my hands compared to the heft that the TWSBIs have. But so far the Prera has put up well with daily usuage. I am quite disappointed when I realised that the Prera uses a convertor I can't have wonderful ink sloshing around in the body unless I convert it to a eyedropper. Overall, I like my Prera but I am not in love with it.


  • Lightweight

  • Has ink convertor

  • Springy nib


  • Made of Plastic

  • Feels easily broken

  • Low ink capacity

Posted on April 5, 2014 and filed under review, Stationary.