How to: Cleaning Inky Hands

I have been using fountain pens on a daily basis for about 4 months. Since I have plunged into the deep of the world of fountain pens, inks and paper I have learnt quickly that fountain pen maintainance is super important. There are plenty of information that you can find out how to properly maintain and clean your fountain pens. This article isn't about how to clean your fountain pens but rather how to clean your inky hands and fingers.

Does this sound familar? Multi-coloured fingers after cleaning your fountain pens. Hands and fingers dyed in a particular colour after refilling your fountain pens without using a syringe.

Magic Sponge

This has been a weekly affair for me. I have found that soup and water can only take you so far. The best thing I found that removes the most of the ink from my hands is the Magic Sponge. For SGD$2 you can get a large piece from Daiso which you can cut down to more managable size. Dip the corner in water and then rub the sponge against the stained areas and watch the stains disappear.

It. Just. Works. You're welcome.