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Review: Elixir River Safari

This is the third and last SFPL Pen Show 2017 exclusive ink by a local ink maker. Elixir River Safari is my kind of green. It’s a dark green yellow ink that shades even in a EF nib. The shade hints at dark and mysterious depths in the darker parts of the ink while the lighter / brighter parts still remained grounded. The colour is dark enough to be used in a professional environment. Of all three inks that’s in the set, River Safari is my favourite

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Review: Robert Oster Signature Aussie Gold

My thanks to Goldspot Pens for sending me a bottle of Robert Oster Aussie Gold.

Aussie Gold shades well, going from dark olive oil colour to pale yellow. Even with how light yellow inks tend to be, Aussie Gold shows up well even in my TWSBI EF nib. Personally, yellow inks are never really my thing but Robert Oster Aussie Gold is a very useable yellow. So all yellow ink lovers do check out Robert Oster Aussie Gold.

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Review: Sailor Nioi Sumire

My thanks to Straits Pen for the ink sample. This ink sample is from the original release of the ink. Nioi Sumire is a lubricated, wet blue ink that has a good shading. It goes down bright and dries slightly muted. Nioi Sumire is part of Sailor’s 4 Seasons ink series. It is still available but only in the new Sailor packaging. I’ve not compared my sample to what’s currently available but it’s supposed to be the same formulation. Blue inks are never really my go to colour. But this ink made my dry nib write so lubricated. It’s definitely a good ink for a dry writer.

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Review: Graf von Faber-Castell Olive Green

This is one of the newer Graf von Faber-Castell inks. Yellow-greens especially darker ones have always been my favourite range of colours. Olive Green is unsurprisingly totally my cup of tea. Filling it in a wet nib the Pilot Custom 823 Waverly nib is the best combination. How this ink shades! It goes from a dark almost black green when ink pools to a muted lemon grass green sort of green. I really enjoy this ink a lot. It writes a little on the dry side so pair this ink with a wet nib.

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Review: Elixir Siloso Sunset

Elixir Siloso Sunset is one of the limited edition inks sold exclusively at the SFPL Pen Show 2017. Siloso Sunset goes down with a bright vibrant reddish-orange but dries to a duller shade. It’s not really my kind of orange even though it’s vibrant. It pops and shades. Personally, it’s way too red to be one of my favourite orange but this is just personal preference. But on it’s own, Elixir Siloso Sunset is an interesting colour.

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Review: Kobe Nunobiki Emerald Number 13

My thanks to the Desk Bandit for sending me the ink.

It’s a wonderfully vibrant, bright shading turquoise-mint ink. Nunobiki Emerald is firmly on the greener end of things. It’s lubricated and runs from a teal to a pale mint green. I must say this is a rather unique shade of green / turquoise. I highly recommend everyone who is interested in this ink to cheek it out. I’m really happy to discover Kobe Nunokibi Emerald.

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