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How to buy a Nakaya in 4 simple steps

Step 1:
Visit Aesthetic Bay during the Nakaya Pen Clnic where Nakaya’s resident nibmeister Yoshida Shinichi san has flown down to conduct. He adjusted and customised fountain pen nibs from Nakaya and Platinum during the 3 day event.

Step 2:
Ogle at all the pens he has brought along with him to be sold during the 3 day event. Try out the various nib sizes, fondle the beautiful maki-e pens on the pen trays, visualise the barrel of choice with the different nib option available and don’t forget to check out the pen stoppers that are on display. Talk to the other fellow pen lovers about their personal choices.

Step 3:
Go home and check your bank account balance. Spend a sleepless night agonising over the price of your Nakaya pen of choice.

Step 4:
Go back to Aesthetic Bay again. Make payment and have your nib tuned to your satisfaction by a master of his craft. Enjoy your brand new pen.

A sneak peek of my Nakaya Decapod

That’s easy isn’t it. There you go, that’s how you can become the owner of a brand new Nakaya pen. That’s how I become the proud owner of a Nakaya Decapod. I hope that’s helpful to all soon to be Nakaya pen owners. My thanks to Aesthetic Bay for holding this pen clinic as well as the delicious food and wine served.

If you want to read more about the Nakaya pen clinic, check out these links:

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How to: Cleaning Inky Hands

I have been using fountain pens on a daily basis for about 4 months. Since I have plunged into the deep of the world of fountain pens, inks and paper I have learnt quickly that fountain pen maintainance is super important. There are plenty of information that you can find out how to properly maintain and clean your fountain pens. This article isn't about how to clean your fountain pens but rather how to clean your inky hands and fingers.

Does this sound familar? Multi-coloured fingers after cleaning your fountain pens. Hands and fingers dyed in a particular colour after refilling your fountain pens without using a syringe.

Magic Sponge

This has been a weekly affair for me. I have found that soup and water can only take you so far. The best thing I found that removes the most of the ink from my hands is the Magic Sponge. For SGD$2 you can get a large piece from Daiso which you can cut down to more managable size. Dip the corner in water and then rub the sponge against the stained areas and watch the stains disappear.

It. Just. Works. You're welcome.

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How to: Borrow ebook from National Library Board

Singapore's National Library Board do not only offer phyiscal books to be borrowed by patrons. NLB also offer a selection of ebooks and audiobooks for memebers to loan out.

Do you want to borrow free ebooks or listen to free audiobooks that are readily available and consume the media right on your iPhone or your iPad? You can do this all right in your iPad or iPhone. Learn how to do it with my very first "How To"

First launch the App Store. Search for OverDrive.

Download the app and launch it.

Tap the top left icon.

Tap "Add a library"

Enter "Singapore" into the text field.

Select "National Library Board, Singapore

Tap the star to add it to your favourite. This is so that you don't have to repeat the first few steps every time you want to borrow a book. 

Tap on the text and it would bring you to National Library Board ebooks homepage. 

At the homepage, tap and enter the title of the book or subject you are looking for. 

It would bring up a page with your search results. Take note on the different icons at the corner of each book. The black book icon signify that it is an ebook while the black headphone icon indicate that it is an audio book. However if the icons are light grey that means the ebook or audio book has been borrowed by someone. 

Go ahead and tap the book that looks interesting to you.

If it is available just tap on the "Borrow" button.

Enter your information and check the "Remember my login information" for easy access in future. Once that's all done, tap the "Sign in" button. 

 Tap "Download EPUB" 

Tap the top left icon. 

Choose "Bookshelf"

Tap on the book and enjoy! However when you are done and to return the book. Check out the instructions below. 

Tap and hold on the book cover to bring up an additional menu. Tap on the "Return: icon. 

That would bring up a confirmation dialog box. Tap on the "Return" icon again to return it. 

On the other hand if the book isn't available. You would find a "Place a hold" button. Tap on that button. 

Enter your email address and the library would send you an email once the ebook or audio book is available for you to borrow. 

Finally, you made it to the end of my very first "How To". Enjoy reading your ebooks and listening to your audiobooks. 

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