Review: Robert Oster Signature Graphite

Another review, another Robert Oster ink, this time Graphite. It’s a dark grey ink with a slight greenish undertone. It’s actually rather similar to Robert Oster Signature Grün-Schwarz. Comparing between the two, Graphite is the lighter colour and it shades way more easily. Personally though if you have the one, you probably don’t need the other. Regardless, Robert Oster Signature Graphite is a good subtle colour for corporate use.

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Review: Robert Oster Siganture Sublime

Sublime is a light yellow-green colour. I am beginning to suspect Robert Oster Signature is a genius at yellow-green inks. I think this is much closer to Pilot Iroshizuku Chiku Rin but way more readable and vibrant. It shades from a fresh grass green to a pale faded yellow-green. Coupling it with a wet nib will bring the most out of Sublime. Comparing J. Herbin Vert Olive with Sublime, it is more yellow than Sublime. While Robert Oster Green Lime is way, way more green. This will be my go to yellow-green ink over Pilot Iroshizuku Chiku-Rin for sure.

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Review: Robert Oster Signature Ng Special’16

This is a special ink that was created for Ronald Ng from Australia. He acted as a creative director for the formulating of this particular ink. It was made specially to celebrate a friendship.

Ng Special’16 is a blend of orange and yellow. This is an orange ink that shades very well. It goes from almost yellow to the burnt orange colour. I found it feels relatively dry in my TWSBI Mini and the dry time is rather good on this Kokuyo paper. I can see why Robert Oster Signature Ng Special’16 is one of the popular Robert Oster Signature inks.

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Review: Robert Oster Signature Blue Water Ice

My thanks to Fook Hing for providing me with the ink for review and giveaway.

I won’t blame you if you mistake this ink to be Robert Oster Signature Fire and Ice. This is another blue ink with red sheen. I can’t help but compare these 2 inks when looking at the swatch, Fire and Ice looks a touch more green while Blue Water Ice is well, more of a true blue. Blue Water Ice shades easily in my EF nib pen. Finding the red sheen, usually require the right kind of paper and a sufficient amount of ink. I don’t see much sheen in my regular writing except surprisingly on my TWSBI notebook.

I am giving away a bottle of Robert Oster Signature Blue Water Ice. All you have to do is drop me a comment. This giveaway ends 14th August. This giveaway is open to all residing in Singapore.

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Review: Levenger Amethyst

Amemthyst is a saturated purple that shades. It goes from a deep dark purple to a strong purple. Amethyst seems to straddle between the line of not being too blue or too red. I find that the ink makes my Japanese SM nib writes smoother than it normally does. This particular shade isn’t my cup of tea. I prefer my purples redder but this is a perfectly great shade of purple. One for purple ink lovers to check out.

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