Well, I've been writing fan fiction for a while. I'm mostly in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age fandom.

Here you can find links to my fan fiction on AO3 snd galleries to my OCs. I have a whole bunch of other series that I've done in collaborations with artists. Those characters belong to them. I'm just borrowing their characters and playing in their sandbox. The characters listed below are mine.

If you're interested in Mass Effect or Dragon Age, come hit me up on Tumblr or Pillowfort.

I've set up the various fics in the form of a blog. So you can subscribe to it via a RSS reader. Alternatively if you prefer an email subscription I will direct you to AO3 and subscribing via the appropriate fic there. Reach out to me via the above platforms if you have any problems.

Sara Ryder

The star of my Trials of Ryder series. The reason I got back into writing again and her story just grew and grew.

Riley Shepard

The main character of my angst-fest The Lost Daughter series. She is special to me.

Lexington Trevelyan

My Inquisitor, Cassandra Pentaghast Love of the The Sword and the Scabbard series.