Straits Pen

Review: Straits Pen Honest Ink Slowpoke Green

My thanks to Sunny for the ink sample.

Now Slowpoke Green is right up my alley. I love greens in the green-yellow range especially the darker ones.It shades really nicely even in my European fine nibs. It goes from a dark forest green to a muted sort og grass green. And with its excellent dry time, I think this is an ink that’s made just for me.

Review: Straits Pen Shitty Sepia

My thanks to Sunny for providing me the sample for review.

Another ink from Straits Pen, this time with the humorous name of Shitty Sepia. I really enjoy the naming conventions so far. Shitty Sepia isn’t all that shitty. It shades well, going from a dark not quite black brown to a muted brown with a strong grey undertone. It goes down nice and saturated but dries to a more muted colour. Shitty Sepia is slightly wetter and writes slightly more lubricated than Poor Man’s Sapphire.

Review: Straits Pen Poor Man’s Sapphire

My thanks to Sunny for providing me the sample for review.

Straits Pen is a local company that sells fountain pens and related supplies. They have been my go-to place for all things TWSBI because Sunny provides nib grinding services as well. So they have released a series of ink recently and I am fortunate enough to get a sample prior to release.

Poor Man’s Sapphire is obviously named to invoke the similarity between Parker Penman Sapphire and this particular ink. It is a bright blue that shades a little. It is a dry ink so it works well for lefites, just take care not to fill it in dry pens. Also all Straits Pen inks are mixable.

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