Review: Chesterfield Antique Copper

Chesterfield is a now discontinued line of inks. It belongs to xFountainpens and that company is now no longer in operation. That being said Antique Copper is a good shading brown ink. It’s a bright ink, not quite corporate enough to fly under the radar. It goes from an almost orange-brown to a strong reddish-brown. The warm tones of Chesterfield Antique Copper gives me a nice homely feeling.

Review: Chesterfield Emerald

My thanks to Marty for the ink sample.

Chesterfield Emerald is a strong and saturated green ink that’s a good shader. It goes from a saturated dark green to a pale light green. Personally, this kind of green doesn’t really do it for me. I prefer my greens to be in the yellow-green range. That’s of course no fault of Chesterfield Emerald. However, Emerald isn’t that unique a colour. I’m sure there are plenty of similar to pick from.

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Review: Chesterfield Antique Oxford

Note: I've changed the water test to the bottom of the review. Saves some paper.

My thanks to Marty for the ink samples!
Chesterfield is an American brand of ink made by either Private Reserve or Diamine. It’s not a super well known or popular ink. There is no real consensus though more lean towards Diamine. It seems that xfountain pens used to sell these inks but now xfountain pens’ website now re-routes to the Birmingham Pen Company. However they don’t sell any Chesterfield ink. Now putting that aside, Chesterfield Antique Oxford is a bold and bright blue ink with a red sheen. Plus it also shades very well. Chesterfield Antique Oxford is a lubricated blue ink that flows well.

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