Review: St Dupont Turquoise

My thanks to Rongli for the ink sample.

St Dupont Turquoise is a bright turquoise on the blue end of the blue-green spectrum of turquoise. It is a relatively wet ink but it dnd’t write well in my Pilot Myu 701 F despite it being a dry nib like this TWSBI Mini 1.1mm nib. In the Myu 701, it writes but the feedback it produces with this ink is a little too much to be enjoyable. I think it is just a case of bad ink and pen combination, no fault of the ink really. That said, even in the F Japanese nib it has shading. With the right pen, this ink will be a great shading ink.

Similar Inks:

Review: Straits Pen Honest Ink Slowpoke Green

My thanks to Sunny for the ink sample.

Now Slowpoke Green is right up my alley. I love greens in the green-yellow range especially the darker ones.It shades really nicely even in my European fine nibs. It goes from a dark forest green to a muted sort og grass green. And with its excellent dry time, I think this is an ink that’s made just for me.

Review: Chesterfield Antique Copper

Chesterfield is a now discontinued line of inks. It belongs to xFountainpens and that company is now no longer in operation. That being said Antique Copper is a good shading brown ink. It’s a bright ink, not quite corporate enough to fly under the radar. It goes from an almost orange-brown to a strong reddish-brown. The warm tones of Chesterfield Antique Copper gives me a nice homely feeling.

Review: Pen BBS No. 220 Watermelon Red

My thanks to Ana of Well Appointed Desk for the ink sample.

This is an interesting shade of red-pink ink. It shades well even in my EF Lamy nib. And yes it does reminds me of the watermelon shade of red. it’s a joyful colour that stands out against the paper. It goes from a pale muted pink to a strong red. Pen BBS does interesting colour choices for their inks. They are one to look out for.

Review: Diamine Amber

I got this ink sample a while back and I’m sorry I took such a long time to get around to it. Diamine Amber straddles the line between yellow and orange in a way I really like. It shades even in my Visconti EF nib though only subtly. It’s such a bright and happy colour that I can’t help but smile when I use it. It goes from a pale sunrise yellow to a strong muted orange colour.

Diamine Amber-3.jpg