Review: Scribes’ Ink Macallan Scottish Whiskey

My thanks to Straits Pen for the ink sample.

Scribes’ Ink Macallan Scottish Whiskey is a scented ink. Obviously it’s made to smell like Macallan Whiskey but how accurate it is, I have no idea. It’s a brown ink on the yellow end of things. It shades well going from a light yellow-brown to a saturated soil like brown. Scribes’ Ink Macallan Scottish Whiskey is really similar to Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-Ho and you all know my thoughts on that ink and that family of colours. It’s safe to say Scribes’ Ink Macallan Scottish Whiskey isn’t my favourite ink in terms of colour but this is a completely serviceable ink.

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Review: Montegrappa Turquoise

My thanks to Goldspot Pens for sending me this bottle of Monetegrappa Turquoise.

Montegrappa Turquoise is a potent ink. Be mindful of which pen / nib you fill this in. On my Waverly nib, it bleedthrough on all the notebooks that I have. This includes Rhodia, Tomoe River, Traveler’s Notebook (both with regular and light weight paper notebooks). I’m not sure why is this ink is so prone to bleedthrough on wet nibs. That aside, it is a flat turquoise ink depending on the nib. It does shade but only subtly. Monetegrappe Turquoise is a beautiful colour but it just doens’t behaved ver well. Best to use this ink in a dry nib.

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Review: Noodler’s Midway Blue

My thanks to Straits Pen for the ink sample.

Noodler’s Midway Blue is a bright blue that’s water resistant. It shades slightly but I think the draw is in the brightness of the colour. It reminds me of Pilot Iroshizuku Kon Peki. Even though the colour pops right off the page but I think this isn’t a very unique colour. The only stand out feature is its water resistance.

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Nakaya Pen Clinic - 2018

Way back in 2015, I started my Nakaya pen habit. It was my first pen visiting Aesthetic Bay when Yoshida-san, Nakaya's nibmeister visited Singapore. He held a pen clinic organised by Aesthetic Bay. There, he held court for three days. Tuning, grinding and basically blessing your Nakaya and Platinum fountain pens with his holy hands, so to speak.

Today is the start of Yoshida-san's three day pen clinic again at Aesthetic Bay. This time he isn't here alone. He brought along his padawan (his words) of 10 years along, Sanae Oikawa-san. Here are just the photos from the first day. This time I didn't buy any new fountain pens though I must say I am really tempted by the Piccolo Aka-Tamenuri. However I was strong. Instead, I got Yoshida-san grind the M nib on my Nakaya Negoro to a right foot oblique. Photos of that can be found on my Instagram.

Reviews of the three Nakaya fountain pens I've purchased since 2015.

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Review: Conklin Duragraph

The Numbers:
Weight: 26g
Length (capped): 140mm
Length (uncapped): 125mm
Price: USD$52 from Goldspot Pens
Body Material: Resin
Nib Material: Stainless steel
Filling Mechanism: Standard International Cartridge/Convertor
Colours: Amber, Ice Blue, Cracked Ice, Forest Green, Red Nights, Orange Nights, Purple Nights

My thanks to Goldspot Pens for sending me the Conklin Duragraph for review.

Conklin is a true blue American fountain pen maker. It’s established in 1898 and it had been the forefront of fountain pen innovation with the Crescent Filler system back in 1897. Conklin has since been purchased by Yafa Companies.

The Duragraph was originally launched back in 1923. The current incarnation of the Duragraph comes in 7 colours. It’s available a variety of nib sizes namely fine, medium and stub. I was sent the Red Nights in F nib.

The Conklin Duragraph came in a sturdy blue box. It is sheathed with blue cardboard sleeve with a cut out over the Conklin logo. Once the cardboard sleeve is removed, you will find a tastefully designed box. On the outside you can see the Conklin logo as well as the stitching that outlines the box. The snap top box opens easily, and the pen is lying in the middle. Overall, I really enjoyed the look and feel of the Conklin Duragraph’s packaging.

I was sent the Red Nights edition of the Conklin Duragraph. It’s black on the ends with a red semi-translucent crystallised finish in the middle. A silver clip, thinner top and end rings and a thicker centre ring accented the flat ended fountain pen. It’s designed to be at home in a professional setting.

The clip has a decent tension. I trust it to keep my pen secure in my pen case without problems. The centre band has the Conklin logo, crescent moons and the word “Duragraph” etched. The Conklin logo is just ever slightly off centre from the clip. I am not sure if this is standard across all the pens or it’s just mine that’s slightly off centre. It’s not a big deal, but it’s these tiny attention to detail that makes a good pen a great pen.

The cap takes a single full revolution to be uncapped. Once uncapped, you will see generous sized stainless steel two-toned nib. The grip section has a comfortable taper and flare towards the nib. The threads are smooth and doesn’t cut my hand. The pen itself is light and well balanced. The cap can be posted but I find it made the pen entirely back heavy. The Conklin Duragraph has a cartridge and converter filling system. The convertor provided is threaded, and it makes the converter that much more securely attached to the pen.

The Conklin Duragraph that was I sent is a generous and wet F nib. It writes very smoothly but I find the F writes more like an M. However the excellent writing experience more than make up for it.

The Conklin Duragraph surprised me. I was expecting a serviceable pen, but it delivers more than a serviceable experience. It has a smooth and wet nib, it’s well balanced and comes with a threaded converter. It’s an attractive looking pen for a great price. For this particular price point, the Conklin Duragraph is an impressive pen.

Once again, my thanks to Goldspot Pens for sending me the Conklin Duragraph for review.


  • Smooth nib
  • Threaded converter
  • Attractive looking
  • Affordable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Remember it’s a threaded converter, don’t just yank it out!
  • The slightly off centre “Conklin” on the centre band.

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Review: Elixir River Safari

This is the third and last SFPL Pen Show 2017 exclusive ink by a local ink maker. Elixir River Safari is my kind of green. It’s a dark green yellow ink that shades even in a EF nib. The shade hints at dark and mysterious depths in the darker parts of the ink while the lighter / brighter parts still remained grounded. The colour is dark enough to be used in a professional environment. Of all three inks that’s in the set, River Safari is my favourite

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